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families belong to the Outreach Committee
Unique Family Outreach events are held each year
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Advocacy and outreach are essential to bring attention to the issues that matter to our community, drive public policy and ensure funding. At the core of these important efforts is our Family Outreach Committee, a dedicated group of family members who support each other, provide community outreach and promote advocacy efforts.

Advocacy & Support Resources

At Ability Beyond we understand that finding the support that you or your loved ones need can be challenging and we are here to help in any way we can. We’ve gathered a list of Advocacy and Support Resources to help assist you along the way.
Connecticut Resources
New York Resources

Rally and Conference Information
From time to time we will organize groups of families, individuals we serve, and staff to attend rallies or conferences in Hartford, Albany or locally. Please check our Events calendar for the latest information.
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The Family Outreach Committee

The Family Outreach Committee consists of family members from both our Ability Beyond Board of Directors and Board of Trustees; from both Connecticut and New York.

Our committee will focus on improving communication between families and the organization. We have helped build a network of families to support each other and assist in community outreach efforts. We would also like to engage family members with advocacy efforts as well as increase philanthropic support during these challenging times. All members of our committee have a loved one receiving support from Ability Beyond.

The committee is supported by the Family Outreach Manager. For more information or to be added to our family outreach email and mailing lists please contact us! You will be invited to attend our family meetings and family events. You will also receive periodic updates and be informed of important agency and family news.

We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming family event or meeting!

Dr. Stephen Tracy
Chair, Family Outreach Committee

Contact Information

Cathie Petrosky
Donor Engagement Officer
Phone: (203) 826-3019

Meet our committee members

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Stephen Tracy, Committee Chair

Steve has been on the Board of Ability Beyond since 1991. His son, Christopher, is one of the original residents of the Ability Beyond group home on Greeview Avenue in New Milford, CT. Steve is the superintendent of schools in Derby, CT. You can contact Stephen Tracy at

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Jim Luciano

Jim is a new member of the Ability Board of Directors and also served on the Board’s Human Resources Committee. Since last December, his 24-year-old son, Michael has been living at one of the two new Ability Beyond apartments on North Broadway in Yonkers, NY. Jim is a geriatrician and a managing medical director with a national health benefits company.

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Steven Finkelstein

Steve Finkelstein has been on the Board of Trustees for just over a year, but has been involved in Ability Beyond as a family member for over 15 years. His brother Michael lives in the Lewisboro home and spends his day at the Mt. Kisco Day Program. Steve owns and operates his family auto parts business located in Mt. Kisco and Port Chester, NY.

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Lynn Willie, Parent from CT

Lynn Willie became a member of the Ability Beyond Family Outreach Committee in early 2012. Her son, Jay C, has been affiliated with Ability Beyond since 2004 and is a resident of the Ability Beyond group home at Cheryl Lane in Prospect, CT since 2007. Lynn is a Registered Nurse at Danbury Hospital in the Labor and Delivery Unit. Lynn and her husband Jay have been active members of the former family advisory board. Jay C adores his sisters, Jaime and Jina, who both attend graduate school.

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Georgina Marek, Parent from NY

Georgina Marek is a new member to the Family Outreach Committee. She was a member of the former Family Advisory Board. Her stepson has lived in the Burke Court group home in Buchanan, NY since 2006. He is 35 years old and is very happy there. Georgina is a special education teacher in New York who provides children with autism early intervention and pre-school services. Georgina and her husband Kenny have always been active family members; showing their support through volunteering and fundraising for Ability Beyond. We are excited to have Georgina participate on the family outreach committee.