Talent sourcing

Ability Beyond is a recognized leader in employment training and placement and has helped thousands of people with disabilities to gain meaningful employment in their communities. Hundreds of business partners have prospered by hiring these dedicated, quality employees.

Who We Serve

Contact us! email: talentsourcing@abilitybeyond.org

Individual Participating in an Employment Program

Let's Partner

Partnership is possible in a variety of ways:

  • Informational Interview – Allow us to bring an individual in for a brief meeting in order to ask questions and learn about your job, career and industry.
  • Job Shadow – Allow us to bring an individual in to shadow you or another employee at your business so they can see what really happens on the job, in order to help them determine if it is something they would like to pursue as a career.
  • Internships and Work Experiences – Allow someone the chance to work for a pre-arranged amount of time, while in Ability Beyond payroll, so they can have a chance to really experience the world of work, and gain valuable workplace skills.
  • On the Job Trainings – Sometimes people need actual on the job experience in order to meet their career goals. Allow an individual to learn valuable skills, while receiving reimbursement for training time.
  • Job Placements – Do you have a job opening? Work with our team to explore the best way to see if someone will be the right fit for your business. We have a variety of incentive and funding options that may be available to you.

Individual Participating in an Employment Program

Partnership benefits

  • Dedicated and Loyal Employees. Studies have shown that employees with disabilities stay at jobs longer, reducing turnover rates and saving businesses money.
  • Good Business and Community Connection. 87% of the public would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities.
  • Funding and Incentive Opportunities. From tax credits to training assistance, companies can benefit in a variety of ways.