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Program Overview

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Ability Beyond offers many day program options that expose individuals to a variety of enriching community experiences and foster community involvement. These programs provide experiences and activities that are stimulating, value and also encourage good physical and cognitive health.

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Designed for Each Individual

Daily activities are designed by staff to address the interests, skills and personal goals of each individual participant. Whether their goal is to find a job, learn new skills, or be an integral part of their community – we help individuals go beyond their challenges.
Here are examples of activities and a sample day.

A Sample Day

9:00 am: Meet at “The Hub” for morning sharing and social activities
12:00 pm: Lunch together
1:00 pm: Visit to the park for a group hike
3:00 pm: Time to go home

Types of Activities

Each day at our Day Program is different. There are scheduled recreational or volunteer activities and the options change as the seasons change. In mild weather participants may:

  • Visit parks and zoos
  • Go hiking
  • Attend sporting events

Colder weather calls for indoor activities like:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Theater
  • Photography classes
  • Trips to museums and libraries
  • Bowling

In addition to trips and activities, groups get together to discuss world and community events. We also offer prevocational training through personalized community-based activities.


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Day Programs FAQs

How do I begin the process of applying for a day program?
Contact our information and referral department to discuss funding and specific needs. We will help find the best program for you!
What is the age range to receive these services?
Anywhere from 18 - 65+, we have day services appropriate for a wide variety of ages.
How many hours each day is the program?
The amount of hours each day depends on the program but typically most people choose to attend from 9am-3:00pm.


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