Day Programs

The Day program at Ability Beyond explores and exposes individuals to various community experiences. We provide programs, experiences and activities that are stimulating and value-based, and that encourage good physical and cognitive health for the participant. Staff are encouraged to develop programs that are of interest to participants and that foster involvement in the community.

Who We Serve

Individuals 18+
New York & Connecticut
Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Brain Injuries, Neurological Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities
Day Program Activity Participation

Designed for Each Individual

We are dedicated to providing a meaningful day program to each individual served. The day program consists of social, recreational and volunteer opportunities intended to develop life skills, soft skills and work skills through active engagement and thoughtful programming.

Each day at our Day Program is engaging and active. The schedule consists of a variety of activities in the community that include a music class, Tae Kwon Do, cooking, golfing, and bowling to name just a few. We also have a variety of in-house instructors who facilitate yoga, technology and exercise – these options provide great choices for individuals to make this person centered program. The group also enjoys book clubs, arts & crafts, pet therapy and volunteer opportunities at local non-profits. We are always developing new sites and connecting with the community to enhance our day to day programs.

Our services are outcome-based, focused on assisting individuals to gain and/or retain specific skills that correspond with needs and interests. All organized activities provide incidental learning opportunities with an emphasis on good physical and cognitive health.

Transportation to and from the Day program may be provided by Ability Beyond’s own livery services, group homes, family members, or some individuals schedule their own transportation through the local city transit and public transportation services. Transportation to and from the Day Program can be provided if appropriate funding allows. During the program day, the transportation to and from an activity is provided by Ability Beyond.

  • How many hours each day is the program?

    The amount of hours each day depends on the program but typically most people choose to attend from 9am-3:00pm.

  • What is required?

    You will be given a list of the documents we need copies of during the intake process.

  • Do I need funding?

    Yes! In order to qualify, you will need to obtain funding from at least one of the following:
    In Connecticut:
    • Acquired Brain Injury Waiver
    • Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)
    • Department of Developmental Services (DDS)
    • Private Pay
    • Various High Schools
    • Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)
    In New York State, Adult Career and Continuing Ed Service (ACCES-VR) and Various High Schools.

Why Choose ability beyond

At Ability Beyond, we believe in the importance of a person-centered approach. We also strongly believe in consistent communication. We regularly have discussions with each individual, their guardians and family members to discover and discuss their goals and dreams, and interests. We then make every effort to translate that input into the development of new and exciting programs and activities that are value-based and stimulating.

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