Advocacy & Outreach

Advocacy and outreach are essential to bring attention to the issues that matter to our community, drive public policy and ensure funding. At the core of these important efforts are dedicated family members who support each other, provide community outreach and promote advocacy efforts.

How You Can Help

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ADVOCACY ALERT - Connecticut Budget Proposal

Despite a more than $3 billion budget surplus, Connecticut lawmakers are looking to add just $20 million for private providers — a one percent increase for the next two years. With inflation on the rise, this is a de facto funding cut. With such a huge surplus while private providers are struggling, this is simply unacceptable.

“Unfortunately, I’m getting calls from other providers who say they can no longer afford to provide services,” said Jane Davis, Ability Beyond’s CEO. “It’s concerning to think about where they might go next for help when all providers will feel the strain of an effective cut given the rise in costs without increases in funding.”

New York State Passes Budget with 4% COLA

Advocates were disappointed recently when a proposed 8.5 percent cost of living increase in the proposed New York state budget was slashed as part of last minute negotiations to four percent. The budget, along with a significant pay increase for state-employed direct care professionals, will only worsen the careforce crisis impacting community-based nonprofit providers.

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Volunteer Advocates

People with disabilities, family members and community supporters all make an impact on raising greater awareness, building a culture of inclusion and belonging, and on the public policies and state funding that influence our work and people’s lives.

We are always looking for people to join our efforts. From serving on a volunteer or event committee to being an employment partner, contacting your local and state representatives about issues that impact the lives of people with disabilities, to joining us for advocacy days in Hartford and Albany, every voice and hand helps.

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