Ability Beyond is at the forefront of developing best practices to address the pressing needs of the disability community. Our new Resource Center is now available to assist other service providers with best practices and planning tools that will augment the services you provide.

Who We Serve

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Young Adults / Adults

Technology Innovation

Technology impacts almost every area of our lives, and access can be vital to building independence and self-determination for the individuals we serve. At Ability Beyond, we are constantly researching the latest innovations in technology while working across the globe with leaders in the field. We also focus on using off-the-shelf and affordable technology, so it can be available to those who need it.

Transition Resources

Find comprehensive video resources and planning worksheets to prepare for an emerging adult’s transition from school days to adult life.

Family Support

Family is important, and when your loved one is part of the Ability Beyond family, so are you. Please join us for our monthly family calls to stay informed on things that are happening within Ability Beyond.

Ability Beyond Blog

We hope that you will find our blog articles to be helpful, insightful and inspirational.