Behavioral Services

We launched our Behavioral Services Clinic in 2022 to empower people with a wide range of disabilities to build healthy behavior habits through Applied Behavior Analysis. “We want families to know, they’re not alone. So many parents feel isolated, and there’s a helplessness that can accompany a diagnosis. But ABA is proven to be effective.” – Clinician, Kirk Manning

Who We Serve

Individuals 13+
New York
Individuals with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and/or traumatic brain injuries, and are struggling with difficult behaviors.
Applied Behavior Analysis

What You Can Expect

Our team will provide a functional behavioral assessment, a positive behavior support plan developed in collaboration with your family, training so you may support your loved one in real-time, and access to data to track outcomes.

Functional behavior assessment (FBA) is the first step our team will take toward creating a behavior modification plan. Assessment takes between four to eight hours, during which a clinician will visit your home to observe setting events, antecedents, and maintaining consequences for your loved one’s behavior.

Positive Behavior Support

Once we understand the function of the concerning behavior, we will provide you with a plan for positive behavior support (PBS): a step-by-step intervention that’s tailored to your loved one and your home environment. We use scientific approaches to help individuals reduce, and eventually replace, their concerning behaviors with healthier alternatives.

Progress shouldn’t pause when our clinicians leave. That’s why our team works closely with caregivers—including parents and families, staff, and teachers—on the ins-and-outs of the PBS plan, so you’re prepared to deliver day-to-day support as your loved one develops healthier ways to meet their needs and regulate their emotions. For some families, this may not be enough; in that case, our clinical team offers coaching to ensure integrity of PBS delivery through a dialog with caregivers.

Expert team of behavior analysts

Our Team Supporting You

Our expert team of behavior analysts is led by Director of Clinical Services Patrick Queenan, Ph.D., who holds 23 years of experience, with a focus in Statistics, Research Methods, ABA and the use of technology to empower people with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do services take place?
    Families may visit our Bethel Headquarters for an intake appointment, if preferred, but our clinical work takes place on-site at the home of the individual we are serving.
  • How much does the program cost?
    Services through the Behavioral Services Clinic cost $150 per hour. Functional Behavior Assessment typically takes four to six hours; the development of a Positive Behavior Support Plan typically takes two hours; and Training and Data Analysis vary based on complexity, and family preference.
  • What are my payment options?
    We provide private pay services, and would be considered out-of-network. We provide insurance claim forms to provide to your insurance company for reimbursement. For families receiving DDS funding, you may also speak with your DDS caseworker about receiving in-home supports in order to have this service covered.

Why Choose ability beyond

At Ability Beyond, our goal is to surpass your greatest expectations—and we pride ourselves on delivering best-practice care at the cutting edge of industry standards. Our person-centered approach enables us to cater to the individual’s goals as we believe that everyone is unique. On a practical level, this comes across through hundreds of years of combined experience across the agency