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Program Overview

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Industry types for internships
Comprehensive Resource Center available for families

Our Transition Services help young adults acquire all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experiences to ensure a successful transition into adult life.  Our services are designed to help young adults discover answers to critical questions: Who am I?  What am I good at?  What do I like?  What do I need?  What are my challenges and resources?  How do I get from here to there?

Holistic Approach to Seamless Transition

Ability Beyond Transition services empower people with disabilities to build their careers and create brighter tomorrows.

  • Discovering their unique interests and strengths
  • Expanding their networks of support
  • Creating opportunities for experiential learning
  • Obtaining meaningful employment
  • Achieving their personal goals

Transition Resource Center

Our Transition Resource Center offers families a one-stop resource of information on all topics related to their child’s transition to adult life including employment, housing, entitlements, etc., content is delivered in engaging video format.    Learn more >

Career Exploration and Internship Opportunities

We support individuals in building critical and transferable employment and social skills in an industry-specific setting. This short-term exploration program consists of internship rotations, classroom instruction, and community business exploration with the goal of securing employment after program completion.

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Family Support and Futures Planning

Our experienced team of transition consultants offer personalized assistance to families who are navigating the education and social services systems as they strive to provide the best possible opportunities for their child. We assist with IEP evaluations and advocacy as well as career, college and futures planning.

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School Vacation Programs

If your child would benefit from gaining work experience and developing social connections within the local community during their vacations from school, or if you need a supportive and structured routine for these weeks, this service will meet those needs!

Flexible to meet the school vacation schedule of your 16-21 year old with autism, autistic-like presentations, mental / behavioral health challenges, or developmental disabilities.

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Transition Services FAQs

Where do you offer Transition Services?
Our services are located in CT throughout Greater Hartford, New Haven Shoreline, and Fairfield County as well as in NY throughout Northern and Southern Westchester County and Putnam County.
What is the timeframe for these services?
Our Transition Services are offered year round. We provide rolling admissions and flexible hours when individually appropriate.

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“My favorite part of the job is helping patients with their care.”

It took 25-year-old Leon over a year of applications, resumes, and interviews but finally he found a job he loves.


"I like helping and working with people"

Courtney is excited to cook for herself, invite friends over, and become an adult in the community.


"They help kids with getting a job and keeping a job.”

Our Transition Services have helped Justin learn how to search for jobs and interview successfully.