Diversity and Inclusion

By the very nature of the work that we do, Ability Beyond’s approach has always been about inclusion! And now we are extending that approach to the people who do the work – our care force. We are consistently working on creating an environment and culture that exists without bias and judgment. An environment where we “see” and accept all human characteristics and identities that provide individuality and uniqueness. An environment where we discover, build and celebrate the ability in all people.

You can be... You at Ability Beyond

Ability Beyond Celebrates Juneteenth

Diversity and inclusion have always been strong values since the founding of Ability Beyond more than 70 years ago. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re holding Juneteenth celebrations across the entire organization.

We have celebrations and educational opportunities for both staff and clients and four of our major locations in both Connecticut and New York, including Bethel, CT and Chappaqua, NY.

Our own Chief Executive Officer, Jane Davis, also sat down with Dwayne Moore, who serves as Chairperson of our Breathe Equality Employee Resource Group, to discuss the history of Juneteenth and what is means today.  Breathe Equality works throughout the year to ensure equity and diversity continue to be an important part of the work we do. Learn more about Breathe Equality below. And don’t forget to check out the video of their discussion!


Breathe Equality

Out of the intense discussions surrounding the death of George Floyd, was born Ability Beyond’s first employee resource group, Breathe Equality. The mission of Breathe Equality is to educate, lead, inspire, and engage people in our organization and community to combat interwoven stereotypes and promote inclusivity and respect.

The group includes dozens of members who actively coordinate events and activities from speaking engagements to the annual Breathe Equality Cultural Festival.

Future goals include improving retention among Black employees, expanding the agency calendar to recognize a wide range of cultural holidays, and purchasing from a more diverse selection of suppliers in Connecticut and New York.

Ability Stronger

Ability Stronger is our agency’s initiative that works as the resource to ensure that all Ability Beyond employees are able to bring their “whole selves” to work. Ability Stronger is the overarching branch which connects Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging to all of our employees, as a safeguard to their humanity in the workplace.

New Employee Group - Soon To Be Announced!!

We are excited to be in the final stages of creating our second, but certainly not our last employee resource group. We recently surveyed our employees about what groups they would like to see. We’re working hard to ensure that all our employees at Ability Beyond feel comfortable bringing their unique selves to work. It’s only through our diverse strengths that we can continue to grow.

Our Strength is in Our Diversity

We have embarked on a journey of increasing awareness and continuing to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion for our team. We are proud of the journey we are on, and we are committed to continuing our efforts. We know from experience that it requires great care and effort to honor and uplift people for who they are. We're committed to the process and our mission, which at its heart is dignity for all.

Our Leadership

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    We have embarked on a journey of increasing awareness and continuing to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion for our team. We are proud of the journey we are on, and where we are.”

    Shaileen Brighton-Ortiz
    Director, Ability Stronger

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