Technology Innovation

People with cognitive disabilities deserve equal rights to access information and technology. Together, we can make that reality.

Technology impacts almost every area of our lives, and access can be vital to building independence and self-determination for the individuals we serve. At Ability Beyond, we are constantly researching the latest innovations in technology while working across the globe with leaders in the field. We also focus on using off-the-shelf and affordable technology, so it can be available to those who need it.

Technology that Empowers

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Our Tip Squad

The TIP Squad, Technology Innovations for People, is an educational training program made up of individuals supported by Ability Beyond. They are savvy about technology and their role is to pre-pilot the latest technologies before we formally pilot it with individuals.

What They Do:

• The TIP (Technology Innovations for People) Squad is an educational training program established in 2015.

• As a part of their training, they learn how to setup, adapt and even build technology to assist their peers as well as Clinic staff.

• Interns also have the opportunity to pilot and implement mainstream technology into the lives of their peers with a variety of disabilities.

• The program bridges the gap to life-changing technology for people who face myriad barriers to independence, while also creating a path for STEM training among young people with disabilities who are underrepresented in the field.

• Members indirectly work on their soft skills such as communication, collaboration and problem solving for future employment.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology for individuals with disabilities is changing at a rapid pace. Every day there are new innovations that help the millions of people with cognitive and physical disabilities interact with the world around them.

Speaking Engagements and Training Requests

You can request Laurie Dale, our Senior Leader of Empowering Technology, and our TIP Squad for training or speaking engagements