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Disability Solutions receives international shoutout from PepsiCo CEO

Our consulting division Disability Solutions enjoyed worldwide press last month when PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta mentioned the team in this global news release!

PepsiCo was among 10 of the worlds largest companies to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by making a public commitment to disability inclusion.

In his statement, Laguarta said that PepsiCo would accelerate its efforts to hire people with disabilities through the PepsiACT initiative, an award-winning partnership with Disability Solutions.

Since 2013, the initiative has helped PepsiCo train more than 150 managers and supervisors in best practices to attract, retain, and uplift employees with disabilities. Along the way, Pepsi ACT has also trained more than 450 jobseekers with disabilities to secure competitive employment and thrive at work.

“We are proud to work so closely with enterprising corporate leaders who celebrate inclusion worldwide, and understand as we have, for so long the talent value of people with disabilities”, said Disability Solutions Executive Director Julie Sowash. Inclusive hiring is simply good business, and thanks to partners like PepsiCo through Pepsi ACT, we see the employment landscape transforming for people with disabilities who represent one of the largest and most diverse global communities with $8 trillion in annual spending power.

PwC, Spotify, Oracle, and Este Lauder were some of the other companies to issue declarations in support of disability inclusion.

Learn more, and read Laguarta's complete statement, here.