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Celebrating Decades of Service with Ability Beyond

Dozens of employees, some of which have called Ability Beyond home for more than 35 years, were celebrated for their longevity of service to the organization during the annual Years of Service event held at the Amber Room in Danbury.

“It’s both humbling and inspiring to be surrounded by people who have dedicated their careers and much of their lives to Ability Beyond,” said Jane Davis, the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. “it shows that we have a very special team of people who are passionate about helping others.”

Jim Wilson, a direct care worker at a residence in Danbury, is celebrating his 35th year working at Ability Beyond. While he stumbled onto the job, he said, it was working with the clients that quickly enamored him to the field.

“It’s really all about the clients and the friendships you build with them over the years,” he said. “At Ability Beyond, I’m able to be myself, and I believe the clients really appreciate that. They’re why I come to work every day. It’s extremely rewarding.”

Kevin Cooper, who is celebrating his 25th year, is the Career Development program manager and a certified work incentive practitioner.

“I believe I’ve stayed so long because of the opportunities Ability Beyond has given me to help people and to develop programs that have a positive impact on the community,” he said. “It’s really one of the most amazing places to work.”

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