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Map Showing NY, Danbury Connecticut and Bristol Connecticut Regions in Orange Color|Map of New York, Danbury and Bristol Region showing that they are in the Level 2 - Expanded Restrictions Zone|Restrictions Guide by Level. Current level restrictions are stated in the article above.|Precautions for visits out with family, or to family homes. These precautions are also stated in the above article

CT & NY Family Visitor Update

Hi Families,

We remain vigilant in monitoring COVID in our regions, and as always we're taking every precaution to keep our individuals safe. The below diagram shows the areas we serve as well as state provided restrictions. As you can see everyone in our homes, as well as visiting, are asked to follow these guidelines:


  • Full mask protocol
  • Disinfecting
  • Hand sanitation
  • Symptom monitoring for staff and people served
  • Social distancing


  • 2 location limit
  • Take temperature before reporting for work, and always monitor your own symptoms and exposure status


  • No community exposure to others
  • Staying with a bubble
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, parks, picnics)
  • Visits to family homes with precautions*
  • No outdoor restaurants


  • Essential visitors (clinicians and outside staff related to health and safety, etc.)
  • Family visits outside

Staff Activities Outside of Work:

  • Stick to immediate family and small groups only
  • Stick to activities that limit exposure to others, outside if possible
  • Masks in public, social distancing, hand washing

Families are asked to:

  • Limit the visit to immediate family members only
  • Keep the visit low key and stick to being home or outside activities away from others (walks, park, apple picking as examples)
  • Refrain from restaurants, malls, stores, movies, festivals, etc.-anything with people essentially.
  • Follow all precautionary guidance around disinfecting, hand-washing, etc.
  • When in close contact  with your loved one (within 6 feet, in a car, when providing hands on support) PLEASE wear a mask (we can provide some if needed)
  • Refrain from the visit if anyone in the family has had any symptoms, exposures, travel, or excessive community exposure
  • If at any time you have any questions, please contact your Program Manager, or email



PS-don't forget to get your flu shots!


Tuesday October 27, 2020

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  Precaustions for visits out with family, or to family homes. These precautions are stated in the article