Important Family Update



Dear Families,


We continue to monitor our own data, and have spoken with our regional public health officials today. Currently, Connecticut is trending up with a prevalence rate of 5%, and a particularly concerning 5.7% in the Greater Danbury Region. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, we are hoping to slow our own curve (which is also increasing). As one public health official told us,

a surge is upon us, so do what you can to slow it down.”


Therefore, for this weekend, 10/30/20 – 11/2/20:


  • For the GREATER DANBURY REGION ONLY, we are holding off on family visits to our homes and to the family homes.
  • The Bristol Region and New York services are ok with the current guidance posted on our website here:
  • We will revisit this continually and are monitoring it closely.
  • We are on the cusp of being “level red” but want our medical appointments to continue, safely, as we are still catching many people on important health checks.
  • We remind all staff to be extremely cautious both in-program and when off-duty to lower the risk to our community-it’s critical!


I have spoken to many families and know how difficult this is for you and your loved one. We are employing every strategy we can to keep COVID at bay, and having this restriction for the next 3 days greatly improves our chances.


Some options to consider for this weekend:


  • Drive-by family greetings, perhaps in costume?
  • Watch a scary movie together via zoom (we have some loaner devices available if you do not have a device at home)
  • Face-time calls with masks?


If you were unable to participate in our Tuesday Zoom update, please use the link below to access a recording where I share the up-to-date guidance.


Please know that our first intention is the safety of your loved ones and our whole community. Overall, I can tell you that the people we serve are doing really well and we will get them through this. We greatly appreciate your support, and if you have any questions, please let me know.


Thank you,




P.S. — Don’t forget to get your flu shots!

Click here for the recording of the October 27, 2020 Family Call   Click here for a link to the presentation only, (no audio)
Map showing New York, Danbury and Bristol Regions at Level 3 Red Alert.
IMPORTANT UPDATE! “a surge is upon us, so do what you can to slow it down.” Dear Families, Due to the increase in Covid cases in New York and Connecticut, and in order to keep everyone as safe as possible ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, New York, Danbury Bristol Regions…