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Holiday Message from Jane


Happy Holidays to all of our Ability Beyond Families!


We hope you are healthy, happy and enjoying this jolly season!

A few important updates from Ability Beyond this week:

As expected, we are seeing a significant surge in Covid cases, including among the people we serve. Thus far, we have not seen any “booster breakthrough” cases in our homes, and we are hopeful that this surge will decrease once we have everyone to the status of 2 weeks post-booster, (we are almost there). To help us respond to this latest challenge, we ask that you consider the following:

-Consider holiday plans carefully, and if you are not boostered, get boostered!
-Please keep gatherings small, safe, and restricted to vaccinated, BOOSTERED, and symptom and exposure-free guests
-Maintain safe distances, and monitor for any symptoms
-If you are able to extend your holiday visit a little longer to help ease staffing challenges, it will be greatly appreciated. This is a very tough time for our team with holidays, people out sick or quarantining from exposures, and vacancy rates are especially high right now.
-Please notify your program team contacts of any symptoms or change in status during home visits

And, as discussed on previous family calls, we will now be requesting verification of vaccine status for any family member wishing to spend any time in our licensed residential facilities/group homes. If your loved one resides in one of our homes, and you or anyone else in your family plans to visit, please use this link to submit your information. This will help us streamline documentation for our busy Residential Program Managers, and we thank you in advance for helping us maintain safe and healthy homes!

Reminder for our Day & Work Families: PLEASE continue to monitor for symptoms and if there are ANY symptoms your family member must stay home! We hate turning people away at the door!

And, please know that our team is focused on ensuring safe, healthy and happy holidays across all of our program areas, and there is a flurry of activity as safe celebrations are underway!

Special thanks to the McAuley Family and friends for distributing over 120 beautiful holiday baskets to all of our program areas, and to all of our family volunteers who helped deliver them!

Our next family call is Tuesday, 12/28 at 7pm, and if you have any concerns or questions, let us know. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and CHEERS to 2022!!