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Finding a Family With Ability Beyond – Your Support in Action

Peter didn't always have it easy after his diagnosis with Autism at a young age, but because of a mother's determination for her son, he found a family with Ability Beyond. YOUR generosity supports our work, and sustains Peter’s life. We could not be more grateful that you are an important part of Peter’s Ability Family! Whoever said, “Money can’t buy happiness.” never realized how much their kindness touches lives at Ability Beyond.

“Don’t worry about me, Mom, I’m happy!”

Whether speaking aloud or using his facilitated communication board—Peter regularly reminds his mom how much he loves his life. At 60, Peter fills his days playing basketball with Daryl to enhance and maintain eye-hand coordination, gardening and continually perfecting his communication skills with Jeanette, along with occasional off-Broadway shows and his Ability classes and private tutors at our Leir Program Center. Again—happiness you make possible!

Name the date you were born, and Peter will tell you the day of the week! His gifts are numerous, but he’s particularly savvy about current events.
Peter’s learned to use a compass on his walks—and has even built a thermometer! Whether it’s doing word search puzzles or watching Jeopardy and the news with Winston— Peter is active, engaged in life and enjoys the Ability family you’ve supported throughout the last 40 years of his life!

His current Ability Beyond family (pictured above) along with Kendra and DiRayl (not pictured) have more than 110 years of combined service caring for Peter in his current home since 1992!

Peter’s Life Wasn't Always This Happy

“He was diagnosed with Autism at age four, but we had no idea how intelligent he was or the special gifts that he had because he was unable to speak for many years,” said Alice.

After years sending Peter away to special schools to compensate for the local lack of special education, Peter had suffered abuse while living away from home. Because he was unable to speak beyond numbers, names and dates, his parents took him to the doctor immediately to confirm their suspicions about his injuries as well as his anxiety and desperation.

Alice made it her mission to find a loving, caring environment for Peter—surround him with opportunities for friendships, make the most of his beautiful mind and— that he’d learn to speak. Alice and YOUR gifts to Ability Beyond changed the course of Peter’s life!

Take Action

Learn what you can do today to support individuals like Peter and the more than 3,000 people with disabilities Ability Beyond provides services to each year. Your contributions make can make a real impact in the lives of others today! Make a donation online or connect with our Development team at or 203-826-3008 to learn about ways to give and to get involved.