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2021 Visitation Guide for Families

2021 Visitation Guide for Families

Q: Will I be able to see my loved one for the extended visits and travel?

Due to the post-holiday spike across regions we are continuing to take precautions for visits and travel.  Please use this visitation screening tool (updated 4/1/21) to review the appropriateness for travel and family home visits. If a visit is pursued after careful assessment of risk, there will be additional questions that will need to be asked by our staff, concerning the details of your plan, considering the current CDC (Center for Disease Control), State, Local and Regulatory Agency's guidance on the COVID situation. The more details our team has about your plans, the easier it will be for us to discuss the appropriateness of visitation. At this time we are continuing to recommend that individual's remain at home (program) to minimize risk.

Q: Are there specific instructions we would need to follow for travel/visits?

We highly encourage careful consideration for visitation. In the event a visit is decided, we are advising that they occur for a few hours during the day. If plans include an overnight we ask that your loved return on a business day when we have sufficient resources for screening and to support any potential needs. Please work your program manager on an appropriate plan.

For overnight stays, testing is welcome but not mandatory. The family would coordinate a rapid test before return, if there is a negative result, a health screening would also be completed.

  • Please refer to the visitation screening for additional information on planning for the family and individual served.
  • We would ask you to maintain social distance, meaning at least 6 feet apart, when possible; limit being in large crowds for long periods of time, and of course, wear facial coverings/masks. We would also ask you to follow the guidelines specific to your town/county of residence and the Ability Beyond regional map and/or the specific state you are visiting or receiving visitors from.
  • Click on link for CT or NY guidelines: CT Travel Advisory/ NY Travel Advisory
  • Travel out of state will require additional steps to minimize exposure risk and may require 14 day quarantine. To the best of your ability, avoid contact with others who have been exposed to COVID and limit the size of your holiday gathering to promote an environment where social distance can realistically occur. Please be mindful of introducing additional people in to your existing “Bubble” that extend your core group and may go beyond your immediate family

Q: Are there precautions that may have to be taken when returning from the visit?

Yes. There are precautions that need to be taken to ensure a safe return for all at Ability Beyond. These precautions are very individualized depending on the details of the visit.

  • For example, if you are planning to travel, flying either within the U.S. or abroad, or taking a cruise, the state travel advisory guidance must be followed.
  • Other plans may require a simple health screening by an AB team member and/or negative Covid-19 testing to ensure a safe transition back to AB. The precautions are very person centered and specific to the length, type and location of holiday plans. The AB team will discuss all necessary precautions and assist to arrange testing, if needed.
  • For overnight stays, testing is welcome but not mandatory. The family would coordinate a rapid test before return, if there is a negative result, a health screening would also be completed by phone.
  • If the individual becomes symptomatic or is exposed to someone positive the family will need to keep the individual at their home until they no longer require quarantine

Q: Would there be situations where I may not be able to take my family member for a visit?

Yes. We are being extra cautious and advising that the safest plan is for the person to remain in the program. Our position at this time is based on current state and CDC guidance to avoid visits for those at risk. Our intent of being extra cautious to prevent exposure and illness early in the winter season and to set the stage for health and safety going forward.

In addition, if at the time your family member is showing any of the above Covid-19 signs or symptoms ,or is generally not feeling well, we may ask you to delay your plans until a later date. Also, if a housemate of your family member becomes ill with, or is suspected of having COVID-19, our infection control protocol would be to keep your loved one home so that we could closely monitor and prevent the spread of infection to you and others. During these times, we are continuing to keep a watchful eye so that we continue to be successful at keeping the spread of the virus very low.