Donor Spotlight: The Beylouni Family

Ability Beyond has been fortunate enough to have the Beylouni family deeply involved with the organization for the past several years. After being introduced to Ability Beyond through a tour of a few of our group homes, the whole family jumped right in to support the organization by chairing our Reach for the Stars Gala in 2011. David and Darren Beylouni, with their wives Melissa and Kristin, excitedly co-chaired the event after getting to know some of the individuals supported by Ability Beyond and became inspired by the mission.

Even after the role of co-chair came to an end, their support of gala continued. Kristin has been a member of the gala committee for the past several years with her sister-in-law Danielle Cone. Both Kristin and Danielle have spent may hours acquiring valuable auction items and decorating to make our annual gala the most talked about event in the area.

Their support doesn’t stop there. As President and Vice President of Colonial Automobile Group, David & Darren selected Ability Beyond as the local charity to support as part of Subaru’s

“Share the Love” event this past November. Colonial Subaru in Danbury ranked 10th out of 623 Subaru dealerships across the country for raising money for their designated local charity. The “Share the Love” event has been going on annually for the last seven years raising close to $50 million dollars for selected nonprofit organizations throughout the nation.

Through the event, Colonial Subaru raised over $45,000 for Ability Beyond during the five week long sales event where customers could choose one of five organizations to direct a $250 donation from Subaru to when purchasing a car. We are extremely grateful that Colonial Subaru chose Ability Beyond as their local charity organization for Subaru’s “Share the Love” event. The Beylouni family continues to be generous and avid supporters of our organization and we are fortunate to have them as a community partner.

Darren has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Ability Beyond for the past five years. He plays an active role in fundraising for the organization by bringing in key donors and has also facilitated lasting partnerships for Ability Beyond.

Not only has the Beylouni family been generous to Ability Beyond with financial contributions but they have also introduced us to other community members, potential employers for the individuals we support and other companies to support the mission of the organization. We have been fortunate to receive support from Auto Trader, Sam Edelman, Ingersoll Auto, Danbury Automotive and Citrin Cooperman because of the Beylounis’.

For many years Ability Beyond Disability has been helping to successfully place individuals with disabilities in competitive jobs. Over time it has become apparent that there are many benefits to hiring individuals with disabilities; people with disabilities are more likely to stay with an employer, reducing turnover rates and saving…
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