Monitor The Impact



After the assessment is completed and the technology is identified, we monitor the effectiveness and impact of the technology for the individual or program.

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Implement At Ability Beyond we continually search for new technology, we attend conferences, search the internet, share tweets and develop relationships with vendors.

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Outcome Rubric

The outcome rubric is used to assess each piece of technology according to consistent criteria.
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Satisfaction Survey

Ability Beyond is in the process of developing satisfaction surveys.
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Team Meetings

Annual ISP Meetings will include a review of needs and consideration of use of technology to support the needs, using our technology grid.


Time Study Data

We are in the process of developing study outcomes. You can sign-up to receive content as it becomes available.


Data, Studies and Outcomes

We utilized a research approach to conduct our pilot studies, in order to have confidence that the results will generalize beyond just the people with which we tested the technology
Our process began with our staff conducting needs assessments with the assessments that we created. Based on the results of the needs assessments, we designed 14 different studies. People were randomly assigned to 3 conditions; the study condition, a delayed control group, or a treatment as usual group.
This allows for us to determine whether improvements are associated with the technology or with other factors, such as other treatment that they are receiving at Ability Beyond or maturation. Regardless of the condition which people were randomly assigned to, we collected baseline and outcome data, including our Outcome Rubric.
Our results will be posted on this website. You can sign-up to receive outcome updates.
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