Assess the Needs



We created a consistent Assessment Tool and a process for linking the technology innovations to the individual’s wishes, desires, and needs. We also developed a process for Needs related to safety.

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Plan There are many factors you must consider when planning for a technology pilot. From legal approvals to funding and infrastructure, following are key considerations for your pilot.
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Implement At Ability Beyond we continually search for new technology, we attend conferences, search the internet, share tweets and develop relationships with vendors.

How to Do It

Develop a comprehensive assessment that would capture the individual’s wishes, desires, and needs in their home and their work or day setting

  • Engage teams in creating an assessment tool that is comprehensive, has consistency in tracking categories of needs, and also allows for personalization in specifying needs
  • Simple free/low cost tools such as Survey Monkey can be used to capture data. This is also a quick way to implement a survey
  • Assessment can be designed to capture data on an individual or a program

Assessment Examples


Here are sample assessments we’ve developed:
Residential Needs Assessment
Day & Work Assessment

Other Considerations


Collect and review data then prioritize needs


Consider developing an urgent needs process to address immediate concerns


Develop staff training mechanism for technology – consider utilizing staff development department, IT Team and program staff with high interest in technology to train