About the Pilot

In preparation for the future, Ability Beyond pursued grants as a way to fund a pilot on technology. The pilot allows the agency to assess individuals’ needs, run pilots in programs and assess the effectiveness of the technology against the need. The traditional funding in programs does not adequately fund the purchase of technology and then sufficiently test.

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Mainstream technology has been piloted by Ability Beyond to improve the quality of life for the people we serve. We have listed below the key areas that can be improved by technology.
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Plan There are many factors you must consider when planning for a technology pilot. From legal approvals to funding and infrastructure, following are key considerations for your pilot.

Ability Beyond believes this pilot will assist the individuals served in their programs now
and in the future. The experience and opportunities for learning will also be shared beyond Ability Beyond programs, the team has already presented ideas at a number of national conferences and has developed this website as a center of excellence.

The next chapters will walk you through the pilot process: