Planning & Execution Overview

Now that your teams have been developed and assessments completed, plans will be developed to implement the workshop closing and community integration. In this phase, Individual plans are developed for risk management, communication plans and the continuum of services are developed and implemented.



By the end of this phase, stakeholders and community partners will be identified and a buy-in plan will be formulated. Staff training has been completed and the incorporation of new technology is implemented. Funding approvals have been researched and secured. You will have secured numerous job opportunities, internship and volunteer opportunities for all persons you serve who have the desire and the potential to work. A diverse array of recreational, cultural, educational and community service choice opportunities have been developed and created for persons looking for valuable well-rounded programming in their community.


These are the topics that will be covered in this section:


Develop Risk Management Plan
Develop Buy-In Plan
Develop Communication Plan
Secure Funding Approvals
Develop Continuum of Services
Develop Staff Training Programs
Develop Staff Training Tools
Pilot, Adjust and Implement