Topic Index

In this Resource Center, we will walk you through the steps needed to successfully implement mainstream technology for individuals with disabilities.

Here are the topics we will cover:
Our Expertise

Learn about Ability Beyond’s expertise in serving individuals with disabilities and piloting and implementing technology to increase autonomy and independence for the people we serve.

TIP Squad

Meet our TIP Squad (Technology Innovations for People) and find out how they are instrumental in pre-piloting new technology.

Introduction to Technology

Find out how mainstream technology is being used to empower people with disabilities and why this technology is essential to independence and quality of life.

Benefits of Technology

Learn why technology is essential for independence, safety and other lifestyle improvements.

About the Pilot

Learn the background of the Ability Beyond pilot and how we structured the technology pilot process.

Plan the Pilot

Learn about the many factors that must be considered when planning for a technology pilot, from regulations to funding, infrastructure, and more.

Assess the Needs

This chapter outlines the tools we use to assess the needs for technology and includes sample Needs Assessment Tools for your use.

Implement the Technology

Learn how Ability Beyond has implemented technology to empower the people we serve and the eight key categories of technology that we use.

Monitor the Impact

Learn how to monitor the effectiveness and impact of the technology for the individual or program. Sample Rubrics and Outcomes are included in this chapter.

Directory of Piloted Technology

View the directory of technology that has been piloted by Ability Beyond and learn how mainstream technology has been used to support the need.