Closing Sheltered Workshops Topic Index

In this Resource Center, we will guide you through the process of successfully closing sheltered workshops and transitioning to full community based opportunities.



Here are the topics we will cover:



Establish Goals and Assess Resources


Introduction to Establish Goals and Assess Resources

Ability Beyond’s Expertise

Learn about our expertise at the forefront of closing sheltered workshops and providing community based opportunities.

Our Results

In 2005, Ability Beyond successfully transitioned from a sheltered workshop to community based opportunities. See the results.

Putting it in Perspective

Learn about closing sheltered workshops, stakeholders, legislation and why it is important.

Establish Your Steering Committee

How to develop a leadership and monitoring team to provide cross-organizational perspective and buy-in.

Establish Project Goals, Plans and Timeline

Learn how to define your project goals, put a plan in place and develop a realistic timeline.

Establish Key Performance Indicators

KPIs allow your organization to accurately measure success, satisfaction, financial impact and other factors.

Assess Organizational Capacity

Tools to assess your organization’s capacity for transportation, staffing, community resources and other key factors.

Assess Financial Capacity

Tools to assess the financial implications of closing the sheltered workshop, including costs and projected savings.

Develop Teams & Processes

Learn how to develop the necessary teams and processes, including strategy, technology, technology and other key teams.

Planning and Execution


Introduction to Planning and Execution

Develop Risk Management Plan

Learn how to develop your organization’s Risk Management Plan to ensure that all areas of concern are addressed to mitigate risk.

Develop Buy-In Plan

Learn how to develop a Buy-in Plan to assure that all stakeholders are supportive and positive about the changes to come.

Develop Communication Plan

Tools for developing your organization’s Communication Plan, which is vital to identify your audiences and effectively communicate your key messages.

Secure Funding Approvals

Learn how to ensure that each individual you support has the appropriate funding for the new services that will be provided.

Develop Continuum of Services

Learn about developing a Continuum of Services, including transition programs, volunteering, employment, education, recreation and meaningful retirement.

Develop Staff Training Program

Learn about all aspects of staff training and cross-training, certification, and other key aspects of staff development.

Develop Staff Training Tools

Tools for staff training that have been used by Ability Beyond and can be repurposed for your organization.

Pilot, Adjust and Implement

Learn how to plan and implement a pilot before you launch your full scale implementation.