Wemo Light Switch

How It Works

The Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Light Switch allows you to turn lights on and off from anywhere–from across the house, from the backyard, or from the other side of the world. WeMo Light Switch replaces a standard light switch in your home and can be controlled remotely with an Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It works with your existing Wi-Fi network and anywhere your smartphone or tablet has an Internet connection (3G or 4G LTE). Easy for most Do It Yourselfers.

How We Use It To Support the Need

The Wemo Light Switch offers the ability to control lights remotely. This is especially helpful to people with a variety of disabilities, such as being in a wheelchair.

It also works great with the Amazon Echo and the Google Home allowing for voice activation.

Other Considerations

Each switch needs to be setup individually on your tablet\smartphone. Keep this in mind if you plan on using several.