How It Works

SimplyHome products and services range from voice-activated environmental controls, Personal Emergency Response Systems, motion sensors, and stove monitors.

How We Use It To Support the Need

Keeps people safe at home. Provides a rapid text alert for the user to easily press one button to alert a caregiver support is needed. Alerts a caregiver throught texts when something happens in an environment, when a door or window is open at an unusual time a text alert can be sent to the primary care give. If there is no response by the first person a series of additional alerts can be set up with individualized time frames. The sensors can also be used next to an individual’s bed if they are a fall risk so that the caregiver can quickly go to the bedroom. Each time a sensor is triggered and text is sent the information on time, date and location of sensor is recorded. The sensors can also track staff performance with things like overnight checks every 15 minutes, the staff needs to press the sensor, each time the sensor is pressed the system tracks the date and time, a monthly or daily report can be provided to managers to ensure staff is doing checks at the required times.