Ring Stick Up Cam

Monthly Fee:No
Requires WIFI:Yes
Requires Bluetooth:No
Requires Smart Phone or Tablet:Yes
Learn more:https://ring.com
How It Works

Weather-resistant and wire-free, mount Stick Up Cam anywhere to see, hear, and speak with your visitors.

See, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere – Customize motion zones and sensitivity to activate Stick Up Cam and trigger Ring App alerts.

Add Ring Solar Panel for Ultimate Convenience – Ring Solar Panel connects to your Stick Up Cam via a micro USB cable, and with only a few hours of direct sunlight, keeps your Cam continuously charged.

How We Use It To Support the Need

The stick up cam can be used to maintain safety in someone’s home.

For example, if someone wasn’t able to reach their peephole or didn’t have one,the stick up cam makes it easier for them to see who’s at the door and if they wanted to live independently they would be able to. The user would be able to see and communicate with people in areas that they are unable to access.