Makey Makey

MakeyMakey photo
Disability Supported:
Monthly Fee:No
Requires WIFI:No
Requires Bluetooth:No
Requires Smart Phone or Tablet:No
How It Works

A pillow, a banana, conductive material, play dough etc…. is hooked to aligator clip which is connected to the Makey Makey device. The Makey Makey is hooked up to a laptop and controls any key on the keyboard.

How We Use It To Support the Need

An object around the house can become a communication device. By hitting a conductive material attached to the object a sound or state a phrase can play depending on where the item is touched by the individual. Multiple patches of the conductive material can be sewn onto a pillow for example which offers the user more choices of sounds or phrases. This assists individuals with limited fine motor skills that are not able to use the traditional communication devices or iPad.

Other Considerations

Conductive Material such as Copper threaded fabric is needed to make an object conductive