Lockitron Bolt

Monthly Fee:No
Requires WIFI:Yes
Requires Bluetooth:Yes
Requires Smart Phone or Tablet:Yes
How It Works

Bolt by Lockitron lets you receive alerts and track who’s entering and leaving your home; email limited-access digital “keys” to visitors, trusted service workers or guests when you’re not home; and remotely lock and unlock it when you’re away from home.

It uses Bluetooth Low Energy which means that Lockitron will keep working even in the event of power or internet outages.

Bolt optionally connects to the internet with Bridge. With Bridge you can control and receive notifications from Bolt anywhere in the world.

How We Use It To Support the Need

Bolt by Lockitron provides its users with greater independence. Combined with a Ring video doorbell you can request help by pressing the doorbell (and they are able to see you at the door) and they are able to unlock your door remotely.
Physically, this lock helps if you cannot use your hands to unlock your door.