Monthly Fee:No
Requires WIFI:No
Requires Bluetooth:No
Requires Smart Phone or Tablet:Yes
How It Works

Ever wonder how to make your own video game? With Bloxels it’s never been easier.

Meet Bloxels, a first of its kind technology that enables you to build, capture, design, play and share your very own video games. Designed with blocks, a universal element of childhood play, Bloxels cultivates imagination while encouraging discovery and experimentation.

With Bloxels, you can realize your own video game ideas, build and animate original characters, develop villains, add in power-ups, and more – all done directly with the Bloxels Game Builder Starter Kit and then activated with the FREE Bloxels Builder App and your mobile device.

How We Use It To Support the Need

Bloxels are a wonderfully engaging group activity. The game encourages teamwork, creativity and helps you develop new ideas to engage your potential in a fun way.