August Video Doorbell

Monthly Fee:No
Requires WIFI:Yes
Requires Bluetooth:Yes
Requires Smart Phone or Tablet:Yes
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How It Works

Always know who’s at the front door, even when you’re not home. August Doorbell Cam alerts you every time the bell is rung and lets you see and speak with visitors from your smartphone, from anywhere. The August Video Doorbell can be accessed by anyone you invite. It also connects to your home Wifi and controls the August Smart Lock.

How We Use It To Support the Need

Let’s say someone was in their bedroom and the doorbell rings, they can look at their device to see who’s there. They can also either unlock or lock the door. Devices that can be used with the August Video Doorbell include tablets and smartphones.

In the case that someone gets locked out of their house, they can contact help simply by pressing the doorbell. The person they have invited can then remotely lock or unlock the door (if combined with the August Smart Lock) from anywhere in the world.

Other Considerations

Requires existing wired mechanical doorbell system with 16-24V AC of electricity.