Amazon Echo

How It Works

The device recognizes voice commands and stores the information in the cloud. It can be retrieved from a smart device such as a smartphone. The Echo will give verbal reminders of events scheduled, play music, give news/weathersports updates, with a smart plug will turn on/off lights and other devices. Care givers can enter appointments and reminders from a separate device and can see new information that the user said to the device.

Amazon Echo tip squad photo

How We Use It To Support the Need

The device assists individuals with organizing their calendars, offers reminders when tasks and appointments are scheduled and creates shopping and To Do lists. The user can get updates and help with SmartHome environmental needs. There is also an entertainment value. The individual can voice commands to the product by saying “Alexa what is the weather today”, “Alexa turn on the light”, “Alexa what is on my calendar today”, “Alexa play my favorite song”, “Alexa add milk to my grocery list”, “Alexa tell me a joke”.

Other Considerations

Voice recognition may be difficult for individual with speech impairments