AbleLink- Visual Impact (for an individual with disabilities)

How It Works

The user will have an iPad customized with Able Link-Visual Impact, their own library of programs/task analysis/reminders that takes them through their individualized routine of the day. If the individual needs a step by step through visual/verbal cues each part of their routine is pre-loaded.  Example- The individual may have a picture of the bathroom as a reminder to shower, picture of their toothbrush,  their bus stop or any specific cue to help them complete a task

How We Use It To Support the Need

With the use of an iPad the user is able to easily receive important reminders or prompts throughout their day.  The prompts can be verbal reminders or visual pictures.  A task can be broken down into multiple steps with verbal and picture prompts that can be customized to the person’s own apartment, work setting or community.  The tasks can come from a library of pre-made steps, parts of the task can be customized or the entire task can be customized.  The setup is very simple and can be changed easily at any time.