Lifetime Gives Maureen the Kitchen of her Dreams

Earlier this year, the Lifetime television show “Designing Spaces of Hope” partnered with The Tile Shop to give Maureen Handy, a longtime AB client, the kitchen of her dreams — a place to express and nourish herself through one of her passions, cooking.


“Maureen had been asking me for a new kitchen for years,” said David Slater, Director of Property Administration at Ability Beyond, who worked closely with the Lifetime team to complete the project. “Now she has places to put her family keepsakes and everything that she really enjoys.”


Maureen joined the AB family after suffering a traumatic brain injury from a car accident when she was 19 years old. With our support, she has strived to rebuild her life and achieve independence. Her humble kitchen was transformed into the environment she needed for continued healing and growth.


“Having this kitchen allows me cook better! I can make meals and be able to reach for things and know where they are.” said Maureen.


In May, a production crew from all over the country headed to Maureen’s Danbury apartment for a three-day overhaul of her kitchen. Everything from the floors to the cabinets and lighting fixtures were torn out and replaced with high end products. The goal was simple–make Maureen’s kitchen a more functional, useable, space that would allow her to do the activity she loves the most; cooking.


Jane Davis, CEO was also thrilled with the results. “I am so overwhelmed with joy,” Jane said. “I thank Lifetime and The Tile Shop for providing Maureen with a kitchen that she can enjoy for years.”

Check out behind the scenes photos of the transformation here.


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