Jane Hardesty Poole

Jane Hardesty Poole is a caring and passionate woman; a loving mother, generous philanthropist, avid collector of Japanese porcelain, and a valued member of the Board of Trustees of Ability Beyond.

Jane’s greatest passion lies with her daughter, Josephine. Josephine, now 38 year old, is Jane and her late husband Harrison’s only child. She was the light of their lives and continues to be for Jane. Born with a developmental disability, Josephine was lovingly cared for at home for the majority of her life. When Josephine reached her teen years, Jane recognized how important it would be for Josephine to develop relationships with her peers and receive the support she needed then, and in the days when Jane would no longer be able to care for her. It was a difficult decision for Jane but one that she knows was an important one for Josephine’s future.

“After a lot of work, tears and despair, I found Ability Beyond” said Jane. “Having done a lot of research and thinking, I have decided that they are the best in their field and deserve my support in any way that I can provide.” Jane has been a loyal donor and advocate for Ability Beyond since joining the organization and feels strongly that families need to lead the way in securing the future of Ability Beyond for the sake of their loved ones.

To date, Jane has generously pledged over $1 million to Ability Beyond and our vision for the future. Through her generosity she is providing for a new home to be built that will become the standard for all new homes for individuals with developmental disabilities as they age. In addition to Jane’s financial commitments to Ability Beyond, she has been instrumental in spreading awareness throughout Greenwich,
New York City, and Westchester, of the important role we play for those with developmental disabilities. Most recently, Jane hosted an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where she thanked many of her friends who have contributed to Ability Beyond and introduced others to the organization.

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The National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices has recently appointed Nicole Cadovius, Director of CT Residential at Ability Beyond, as a member of their steering committee. The ‘NTG’ is a coalition of interested persons and organizations working toward ensuring that the needs and interests of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities…