A Cool Midday Carnival

A Cool Midday Carnival

Nunnawauk Meadows residents and staff welcomed more than two dozen people from Ability Beyond on July 21 for an indoor summer carnival. Held in the Community Building at 3 Nunnawauk Road, the three-hour event served as a fun gathering for all of those involved. It was also a fundraiser by the Newtown community for the local nonprofit organization based in Bethel.


Nunnawauk Meadows Executive Director Linda Manganaro said that carnival was a way for the residents of Nunnawauk Meadows to say thanks to Ability Beyond.

“They send people to help us set up programs,” Ms Manganaro said Thursday afternoon. “They also help us with our newsletter, so we thought we would do a fundraiser as a way to thank them.”

As she spoke, people of all ages were engaged in conversation, enjoying lunch, or waiting for a balloon creation from Prinkles, a clown who carefully crafted animals, hats, and flowers for each person who wanted one. By the end of the afternoon, many of the guests were spotted wearing balloon creations atop their heads, each construction just slightly different from the next.

Lunch was served by a team of men representing Nunnawauk Meadows staff and the community’s board of directors. Guests enjoyed hot dogs, french fries, coleslaw, and soft drinks.

Earlier, carnival attendees had had the opportunity to play games for prizes, enjoy popcorn and candy, and purchase raffle tickets.

Banners and large signs decorated the walls of the area where the carnival was taking place, adding to the festival atmosphere.

The event was “going very well,” Ms Manganaro commented. “The residents have been very generous today,” she added.

Michelle Weinstein, clinical and residential services manager for Ability Beyond, agreed on both points.

“I think everyone has had a lot of fun, and nearly

$200 has been raised,” she said.

Article originally published in The Newtown Bee July 28th, 2016 

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