Technology Team


To assess all technology needs for your organization in relation to closing your sheltered workshop.


  • Assess technology needs of individuals supported (i.e., iPads, iPhones, FitBits, etc.)
  • Assess technology needs for staff (phones, laptops, WiFi)
  • Determine larger agency wide technology needs (GPS for transportation, ECR)
  • Determine technology needs for communication the project to all stakeholders (website, email, twitter, etc.)

Relationship to Mission of Closing a Sheltered Workshop

The Technology Team is essential in providing staff and financial efficiencies and savings to complete the larger project of closing the sheltered workshop. The Technology Committee is a component of all other teams as well. All teams should identify how technology can be used in any area they develop.


This group meets every other week for the length of the project. This meeting takes precedence over other commitments. If you are a member of any of the Closing the Sheltered Workshop committees, it is your responsibility to make this committee a priority. Attendance should be expected.

Types of Members

  • Nurse
  • Day or Employment Program Staff
  • Finance/accounting staff
  • Human Resource Representative
  • Director
  • State DD or VR agency representative, ad hoc
  • IT expert


  • Identify any experts within your organization with a passion, expertise and knowledge for technology. If your organization can devote staffing resources towards this project for technology that would be beneficial
  • Review your current systems and processes and determine where technology can increase efficiencies and cost savings (i.e., GPS, ECR)
  • Research technology to meet efficiencies for the people you are serving in this project. Visit Directory
  • Review your agency’s knowledge and usage of social media to enhance communication about this project and ongoing. (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Intranet, Website)
  • If implementing new tools establish training methods for the people using them
  • Determine financial impact of new technology needs and research methods for funding these needs.

This committee should be made up of a cross-section of employees from across the organization led by one facilitator, typically someone on a senior level in the technology department.