Strategy Team

This chapter outlines the process phases and the organizational groups involved. In addition to these teams, the Steering Committee is responsible for establishing the overall timeline and process for the teams below. View Steering Committee

Strategy Team



To facilitate the communication and coordination of efforts between project teams and identify the necessary infrastructure to support the overall success of the Closing the Sheltered Workshop project.


To ensure all of the other committees stay on target, achieve the desired outcomes they set out to do, and have the tools necessary to be successful. Ultimately the Strategy Team is responsible for creating the overall Master Project Plan and creating the Master Financial Plan. Through the Master Project Plan, this team is also responsible for identifying and collecting all risks and compiling them into a well-thought out Risk Management Plan.

  • Ensure project achieves agreed upon goals and in the appropriate timeframe
  • Create overall Master Project Plan that drives the work of the project
  • Create overall Master Finance Plan
  • Create Risk Management Plan and identify tools and resources to help prevent these risks

Relationship to Mission of a Closing Sheltered Workshop

The Strategy Team is the foundation to closing a sheltered workshop. Without an appropriate plan in place that drives the process and without a group ensuring goals are being met on time, the project becomes stagnant and fades away. This group is the key to overall success in closing a workshop.


This group meets every other week for the length of the project. This meeting takes precedence over other commitments. If you are a member of any of the Closing the Sheltered Workshop committees, it is your responsibility to make this committee a priority. Attendance should be expected.

Types of Members

  • Nurse
  • Day or Employment Program Staff
  • Finance/Accounting Staff
  • Human Resource Representative
  • Administration
  • State DD or VR agency representative, ad hoc



  • Ensure that you have completed a financial assessment for your organization to determine how you want to implement this project. View financial assessment
  • It is important for your organization to clearly identify all of the risks associated with this project. Thoughtful planning, brainstorming, and preparation for the worst case scenarios allows your team to be prepared for what could occur. More information
  • Research what type of Master Project Plan format works for your organization.
  • Develop tracking mechanism for project goals of other teams.
  • It is important for this team to be responsible for overall organization of the project to remain on target and achieve deadlines.