Secure Funding Approvals


Determine the Post Workshop Program

Before the existing workshop is closed, a simple interest survey should be administered to each individual in order to determine the post workshop program that the individual will attend.
This is done to determine the type of programming you will offer, and thus what type of funding you may seek.
Example of post workshop programs:

  • Without Walls Day Program
  • Site-based Day Program
  • Community Based Pre-Vocational Program
  • Community Based Vocational Program
  • Pathways to Employment
  • A “Blended” approach
A communication plan is essential to the process of closing your sheltered workshop. It will serve as your road map for getting your message across to each audience.
What is Continuum of Services? The preferred model of service delivery is to format each program in a way where individually, they will act as a continuum of service, with each program offering training activities and experiences that lead to a higher level of independence.
Secure Medicaid Funding

Medicaid is the official funder that provides financial access to disability services in all states. The Medicaid program is jointly funded by the federal government and states. Each state has an office that is responsible for disbursing Medicaid Dollars. In New York State, the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, OPWDDD. OPWDD has various regional offices (DDRO) that are assigned to cover different geographical locations.
The reimbursement rate for each service varies, but the process of securing funding is similar. Typically, the Sheltered Workshop staff will work with Service Coordinators/Case Managers to develop Individualized Service Plans (ISP), or create Addendums to the ISPs to reflect the service being requested.
Combined with the ISPs or ISP Addendums, are other pertinent documentation that should be submitted to the State Office that is responsible for disbursing Medicaid dollars. After review the office, an authorization for service delivery, along with the rate at which services will be established and forwarded to the new program staff for the individual to begin utilizing the service.

In New York State specifically, the process is a follows:
The Sheltered Work Shop supervisor will need to work with the individual’s Service Coordinator to develop an ISP or an addendum to the individual’s ISP, indicating the waiver service and the start date of the service that the individual will be accessing. The ISP, along with the addendum to the ISP should be obtained by the appropriate staff of the chosen waiver service. That staff will need to work with their local Developmental Disabilities Regional Offices (DDRO) to submit the required justification documentation, which may include, but is not limited to the following documentation:

  • Transmittal form
  • ISP addendum
  • Program Schedule
  • Justification form
  • DDP 1 & DDP 2
  • DDP 1 Supplemental Form

If you are a New York State agency, please see the link below for examples of documentation that is required by the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities:
For agencies outside of New York State, the following websites may be of assistance:

Wait for Approval

Once the Developmental Disabilities Regional Office receives, reviews and accepts these documents, an authorization to deliver services to the individual will be sent to the appropriate staff of the waiver program and a start date will be established. Please note that there are certain regulations that the agency will need to follow in order to bill the funder for payment.

Please see the link below to access guidance documents specific to New York State:


Continue to watch out for changing state regulations.