Our Results

In 2005, Ability Beyond successfully closed its sheltered workshop and transitioned over 200 individuals into
community-based day and work opportunities.


First Workshop photo

Closing a sheltered workshop is a process by which an agency transforms their current day and work services/programs into integrated, community-based services by providing people with options based on their individual preferences and abilities.

January 2003

In 2003 when we began this process we served approximately 228 people throughout our Day Habilitation Programs and Sheltered Workshops. We served an additional 180 individuals in our Community Placement Programs. There were 65 individuals in Day Habilitation Programs and 163 individuals in the Sheltered Workshop all were identified to be a part of this process.


Day program photo

September 2005

As of September 2005 all 228 individuals were involved only in community activities, paid jobs, volunteer or recreational opportunities, or retirement programs. Many individuals desired to be a part of multiple programs, or have “blended days”. For example, many individuals participated in recreation or volunteer opportunities half of their day and worked the other half of the day, or worked two or three days and volunteered or participated in recreation the other two or three days.


Case Study: “Mark was transitioned from working in a sheltered workshop to gainful employment working for the Town of Ridgefield.”
Rudy Marconi, First Selectman
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