Establish Project Goals, Plan and Timeline

The next step in closing an agency’s sheltered workshop is to define the project goals. The goals define your project outcomes
and the steps required to achieve those outcomes. Sufficient time should be spent in this area in order to ensure a successful project completion.

The first step is to create the leadership and monitoring team that will provide cross organizational perspective and buy-in. The Steering Committee drives the project and keeps it on track.
Key Performance Indicators A Key Performance Indicator allows your organization to monitor your success in a key area, or success towards achieving an objective.

The project goals and objectives must be clear each with its own purpose that can drive the end results. All goals should be measurable. Your project goals are the “what you want to achieve” where your objectives are typically sub-categories of your goals that help you achieve the larger goals.
Please see a Sample Project Plan that will help your organization determine its projects Goals and Timeline.

Project Goal Examples

Examples of some of the project goals for Closing Your Sheltered workshop are as follows:


Determine where your agency is headed: closing the entire workshop or a percentage?

  • Goal of number who will work
  • Who will participate in a retirement program
  • Who will volunteer
  • Who will participate in recreation
  • Who will attend courses
  • Who will experience cultural activity choices

Improve the Quality of Life of the individuals served

  • Improve attendance
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Improve behavioral episodes
  • Improve or increase community contacts

Improve staff morale: increased job satisfaction will decrease job turn over.


Determine a goal for marketing: creating communication strategies that raise the public awareness about the abilities of persons with disabilities will result in greater employment and community inclusion.

  • Educating the public
  • Promote healthy attitudes towards people with disabilities.
  • Bring about a realization that life-altering injuries can be prevented. lf not prevented; then quality of care is available.
  • Develop a new audience through our marketing efforts.
  • Encourage individual and business involvement and participation throughout the community
  • Improve the visibility of Ability Beyond and create awareness of the organization
  • Establish Ability Beyond as a reputable source
  • Encourage or enhance philanthropic support through expanding markets

Determine project completion date: the date your workshop will close and your project deadline


An end date must be chosen or the project can go on longer than intended. Program will roll out but may need to adjust milestones within timeline; You will need to have flexibility and reevaluation of priorities and budget along the way.


View our sample business plan for closing your sheltered workshop.
Download business plan