Develop Staff Tools

The staff tools that are discussed in this section are designed to help shape a confident, highly productive and dedicated workforce. Staff training tools are important in developing leadership excellence, employee engagement and quality service delivery, which are necessary characteristics of staff that will be working independently in the community.

Staffing Considerations The following are key staffing elements to consider in the process of transitioning from sheltered workshops to community based activities. This list is not all encompassing as each agency will vary in their staffing needs, but it should be used as a guideline to ensure that staffing requirements…
The Pilot is a two week test run where all of the planning and preparation starts coming together. Small groups begin to attend work and activities in the community, feedback is collected and adjustments made to address any problematic issues that may arise.

The transition from being a closely supervised staff in a Sheltered Workshop setting, to a Community Based employee, with minimal direct supervision, can be challenging. The following are important Staff Training Tools; however, it is important to note that this list is not all encompassing and agencies should feel free to add to these tools according their particular needs.


Below are the tools we used:

Workshop in a bag

This is a backpack or crossover bag that staff brings with them every time they leave their home base and go into the community. The bag holds all of the items that the staff previously had at their fingertips in the workshop.
Download Workshop in a Bag Tool

Community Cards

Community Cards are designed to work similarly to a business card – the likelihood of behaviors taking place in the community is very high. While dealing with a behavior, i.e. performing a restraint, staff will not be able to educate members of the public who may become concerned. The Community Cards are designed to be handed to anyone who may become concerned in these cases or anyone one who has questions about how a staff handles a particular situation or has a complaint. The Community Card will have contact information including a name, telephone number and an email address.
Download Community Cards Tool

Staff Flip Book

The Staff Flip Book is a community guidebook for staff. The purpose of this guidebook is a tool to assist your staff in understanding their responsibilities while working in the community and to follow the policies and procedures of your agency. Download Staff Flip Book Tool

Be Creative! The following are other tools:
  • What to do in an Emergency: Create a quick reference of what to do in a vehicle emergency. Keep reference document in vehicle at a place that is known to all staff.
  • Community Handbook: Crate a Community Handbook that goes in the Workshop in a bag.
  • Community Resource Guide: Create a quick Community Resource Guide that is a pocket size or electronic document for a mobile device that quickly goes through how to handle specific community emergencies/events/occurrences.
  • Staff Bonuses: If you are having a difficult time finding new recreation, volunteer, or work opportunities, create a financial incentive for staff who develops these leads.