Develop Continuum of Services

What is Continuum of Services?

The preferred model of service delivery is to format each
program in a way where individually, they will act as
a continuum of service, with each program offering training
activities and experiences that lead to a higher level of independence.

Determine the Post Workshop Program Before the existing workshop is closed, a simple interest survey should be administered to each individual in order to determine the post workshop program that the individual will attend. This is done to determine the type of programming you will offer, and thus what type…
Staffing Considerations The following are key staffing elements to consider in the process of transitioning from sheltered workshops to community based activities. This list is not all encompassing as each agency will vary in their staffing needs, but it should be used as a guideline to ensure that staffing requirements…

Ideally, the programs should include workplace readiness training, vocational, ADL’s and Social Skills training, along with recreational, volunteer, and educational activities.
It is in the agency’s best interest to design innovative and fiscally responsible long-term service programs as described below thus allowing the agency to meet an individual’s needs across their life span.



  • Individuals participating in each program should establish goals and the program staff should implement services to assist the individuals with accomplishing those goals.

The programs should address the following individual interest area.

Types of Continuum of Services

Young Adult Transition
There should be programs designed specifically for younger adults. These programs are designed for individuals who are graduating high school or have graduated high school and are looking for the next step in continuing education and participating in activities that will help to develop their vocational skills including job placement.


“My favorite part about having an internship is working with a job coach!”

Participants should be able to participate in volunteer activities to build their resumes and give back to their communities. These opportunities should vary in the nature of the roles offered.


“These opportunities should vary in the nature of the roles offered.”

Training & Employment
Programs including internships, job clubs and job development activities should be offered with varying levels of support based on the individual’s need. These activities should be designed in a way where each individual, regardless of his/her functioning level, will be able to benefit and move towards their employment goals.


“I have had 4 internships and now I have a job that I love”

Educational Opportunities
Theoretical learning centers/class room activities should be offered in order for the individual to have the opportunity to continue his/her learning experience for school. Close attention should be given to this area in Transitioning Programs.


“These opportunities should vary in the nature of the roles offered.”

Recreational & Social
Fun, learning activities. These activities should be offered in each program – they should be age appropriate for the individual and should be balanced with vocational and other learning activities.


“I enjoy going to water parks and the bowling alley with my friends at day program”

Meaningful Retirement
Activities that address different age groups should be implemented in each stage of programming. At the end of the continuum of services, activities should be designed to benefit older individuals, giving them the opportunity to remain at program without feeling as though the program was better suited for them when they were younger.


“The staff helps me send emails to my daughter in Texas”

Continuum Tools

Interest Survey
The Interest Survey helps to determine the work, educational, volunteer and leisure interests of the consumer. View interest survey


The needs of individuals have to be what drives the plan. Be willing to try new opportunities. Make no assumptions about what may or may not be successful or of interest.

Community Development Plan
Plan for developing employment, recreation, volunteer and other opportunities in the community. View community development plan

Post-Site Survey
This survey will help to determine the status and attributes of community activities and accessibility and other feedback. View post-site survey


Important to make sure you are asking staff to reassess each site as changes in site occur. Communication is key. Solicit feedback on sites from staff.