Develop Communication Plan

A communication plan is essential to the process of closing your sheltered workshop. It will serve as your road map for getting your message across to each audience.

A Buy-In plan is essential to the process of closing your sheltered workshop. This assures that all of your stakeholders are supportive and positive of the upcoming change by providing clear messaging and information about it.
Determine the Post Workshop Program Before the existing workshop is closed, a simple interest survey should be administered to each individual in order to determine the post workshop program that the individual will attend. This is done to determine the type of programming you will offer, and thus what type…

Your Plan Will Identify:

  • Who you need to communicate to
  • What the key messages are
  • When and how often you communicate
  • What the method of communication should be
  • Who is responsible for delivering the communication


A sample and blank template are included for your use

Sample Communication Plan
This is the sample Communication Plan that Ability Beyond used during the process. You will find links to the tools mentioned within this plan.
Download Sample Communication Plan

Use this blank template to create your own Communication Plan. Download Template


Communication is essential to a successful plan. Don’t assume people know everything they need to know. Know your audiences and plan for continuous communication with all audiences.