Develop Buy-In Plan

A Buy-In plan is essential to the process of closing your sheltered workshop. This assures that all of your stakeholders are supportive and positive of the upcoming change by providing clear messaging and information about it.

Ability Beyond created a Risk Management Health and Safety Assurance Plan to ensure that all areas of concern were thought of and addressed. As such, all stakeholders knew that the agency was completing its due diligence to make the closing of its sheltered workshop successful.
A communication plan is essential to the process of closing your sheltered workshop. It will serve as your road map for getting your message across to each audience.

Buy-In Plan

A Buy-In plan is one of the most important components in assuring that all stakeholders are identified and considered as you move towards closing your sheltered workshop. The Buy-In plan will allow you to target these stakeholders as individual groups, define your strategies and techniques to each stakeholder group, and put in place a process to track and follow as you roll out messaging and information to your targeted groups.

Your Plan Will Identify:

  • Who you need to buy-in
  • What the strategies and tools are that you will use to promote buy-in with each group
  • When and how often you will utilize the tools/strategies
  • Who is responsible for each strategy
  • How you will measure that each group is positively on board


A sample buy-in plan is included for your use:

Sample Buy-In Plan
This is a sample Buy-In plan that incorporates tips and trips that Ability Beyond used during their project.  You will find links to the tools mentioned within in the toolbox section on this page.
Download Sample Buy-In Plan



Positive buy-in from your stakeholders is critical. Buy-in is one of the most important aspects of the project. Be prepared to address challenges from stakeholders who are resistant to change. You must continually check the status of various groups along the way to assure all remain positive.