Community Resources Team

Community Resources Team



To explore and develop community integration opportunities, and to ensure that these opportunities are integrated and meet the HCBS ruling.


  • Assess and identify the interests and goals of the individuals you support.
  • Identify and establish the necessary opportunities to meet the goals of the individuals transitioning from the workshop

Relationship to Mission of Closing a Sheltered Workshop

This team is responsible for developing the opportunities that will take the place of the sheltered workshop programming.


This team will run the entire length of your project and will most likely continue in some fashion after the closing of the sheltered workshop occurs. Members are expected to attend bi-weekly team meetings and fully participate, as well as do work outside of the meetings.

Types of Members

  • Families
  • Individuals receiving services
  • Program Staff
  • Job Developers/Employment Specialists
  • Program Management
  • Development Staff
  • Community Relations Staff
  • Funders
  • Employers/and or other Community Partners


  • Identify a team leader who will be able to motivate and ideally who will be comfortable addressing external parties (i.e., Who can lead by example in best practices to develop new opportunities)
  • Identify a cross section of stakeholders to participate on the team. Key will be including those with knowledge around employment development.
  • Identify and review all current resources and relationships.
  • Develop a tool to assess the goals and interests of the individuals you support. More information¬†
  • Based on the results of the assessments, identify the areas that new opportunities need to be developed in.
  • Determine who will be developing these new opportunities for individuals, and how. (Are there current staff? What is their capacity for doing this work? What other resources can you tap into? Should a sub committee be developed to focus exclusively on the work being done around this?)
  • Investigate creative methods to make new community partnerships and establish relationships.
  • Develop and determine a method to track outreach and ongoing relationship management.
  • As new sites and connections are made, track and monitor the site capacity. Develop a site survey that staff can use to evaluate potential sites, and use to make smart matches. More information¬†