Assess Financial Capacity

Financial Assessment Tool

The Financial Assessment template will help your organization get started on what the overall cost and/or projected savings would be after closing your sheltered workshop.

Assessing Your Organization Prior to beginning any organizational project, it is important to have a clear understanding of where you currently stand in relation to your end goal, as well as have an understanding of the various resources necessary to make your project successful.
This chapter outlines the process phases and the organizational groups involved. In addition to these teams, the Steering Committee is responsible for establishing the overall timeline and process for the teams below. View Steering Committee

These tools are for planning purposes only. It is essential that you work with your finance/accounting department for implementation.
The first section gives you an opportunity to look at all of the areas that could cost you money or save you money and to get you thinking about what you want or need to do with your physical workshop space. This is a great exercise to do with your project team.
The Cost Estimate Guide helps you to make some initial calculations to give you a prediction of the cost for closing your sheltered workshop. Besides the large ongoing costs mentioned on the assessment, your organization should also think about all of the one-time costs that could be associated with your project. These could include such items as:

  • Move costs
  • Furniture needs
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Marketing Materials

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  • Leverage current relationships with your media sources to market this initiative. They might want to help you publicize this project.
  • Research government grants or funds. Due to WIOA many states are interested in providing funds towards closing workshops.
  • If you are looking to sell your workshop space, look for a buyer who is also interested in selling. This is what Ability Beyond did and it helped with not having to pay an overlap of months of rent/lease as we moved from one location to the next.