Disability Solutions


average retention increase over co-workers without disabilities in same roles
1 in 10
college students on campus with a known disability
8 trillion
dollars in disposable annual income from disability market

Hiring individuals with disabilities is simply good business. Disability Solutions is the consulting practice of Ability Beyond, which was launched to provide employers with the expertise and custom solutions to tackle complex business challenges.


Disability Solutions is a full-scale consulting practice that leverages over 60 years of recognized leadership in employment for people with disabilities, compliance, and HR systems. Disability Solutions is not only a true solution for companies and people with disabilities, it is a well-constructed and original approach to a widespread challenge – the recruitment and retention of a capable and reliable workforce.
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Products and Services 

Full Scale Consulting Solutions:

  • Strategic attract, recruit, and hiring strategy
  • Training and Education for Workforce and Management
  • Compliance Planning
  • Strategic Diversity Plans
  • Partnership Development
  • Campus, veteran, and CBO outreach
  • Website and worksite accessibility testing
  • Pre and post-hire support

Strategic Playbook: Comprehensive strategic plays and actionable recommendations informed by our Discovery methodology including how to:

  • Leverage and builds upon your existing best practices and systems
  • Implement and communicate new and innovative approaches to attract, hire, retain and promote talent with disabilities for your company
  • Monitor and evaluate key data and outcomes and connect to your diversity & compliance plan
  • Engage your diverse workforce for increased talent and market reach

Career Center:
Employers and Recruiters – Source innovative talent, who know how to find alternative paths and solutions, leverage technology tools and productivity strategies, and offer a unique perspective to your operations, R&D, and marketing efforts!

  • Reach 1,000’s of job seekers with a wide range of experience, education level, skills and certification
  • Increase reportable activity and measurable outcomes to support your Section(s) 503 and 4212 compliance plans
  • Position your brand as a leader in disability and veteran hiring and inclusion
  • Post one requisition, packages, or an annual subscription for greater savings

Full Scale Consulting Services

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Training and Education for Workforce and Management
  • Change Management
  • Compliance Planning
  • Strategic Diversity Plans
  • Partnership Development


“Our clients are leading the way and as early market champions will realize maximum returns in both talent and market reach. There are several opportunities here for corporations and the time is now to lead in this space.”

Kristine Foss, Managing Director Disability Solutions, Forbes “Business’s Next Frontier: People with Disabilities”

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Kristine Foss, MA, SPHR
Email: DisabilitySolutions@AbilityBeyond

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Our Clients Are Leading The Way



"It didn't take me long to realize that I wasn't hiring people with disabilities, I was hiring the best people for the job."

Julio Padilla

Manager, Las Vegas Certified Center, PepsiCo NAB

"We are confident that the outcome of this work will be a scalable program that we can launch through our centers of operation.”

Liz Heitner

VP HR, Synchrony Financial

"The connection drawn by the Disability Solutions team between the talent value of people with disabilities and business goals engaged our executive teams across the organization.”

L. Kevin Cox

CHRO, American Express