Compliments, Complaints & Compliance Hotline

Do you have a compliment, complaint or a compliance concern?
You have a responsibility to report it. Ability Beyond respects anonymous reporting, open door communication and no retaliation. (Compliance Policy 501ETH)
Please contact us! Your feedback is important and will help ensure that the best possible services are provided.

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Phone: (203) 826-3055
Toll-free: (888) 832-8247 ext. 3055

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Ability Beyond’s Compliance Committee and Compliance Plan is focused on ensuring that our organization follows ethical business practices and standards.
The role of The Compliance Committee:

  1. To identify business practice risks that our organization faces and advise on them.
  2. To design and implement controls to protect our organization from those risks.
  3. To monitor and report on the effectiveness of those controls in the management of our organization’s exposure to risks.
  4. To resolve compliance issues as they occur.
  5. To advise the agency on rules and controls.

Compliance Committee members:

Jane Davis-Bunt, Chief Executive Officer
Lori Pasqualini, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Amy Brown, Controller
Lori Ruckel, Performance Improvement Manager
Louise Vincennie, Manager, Quality & Compliance

Employee Responsibility in relation to Compliance:

  • It is the expectation that ALL employees of Ability Beyond will comply with the agency’s Policies & Procedures.
  • Policies related to “Employee Responsibility” focus on the ability to act according to the rules set forth.
  • Reporting a Corporate Compliance Concern is the responsibility of ALL employees.